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The Smart Cookie Rewards Program was created by Smartcookie Rewords Pvt Ltd to recognize and celebrate the Student Talent and Teachers contribution to making it successful. The reward points that are given for Academic, Sports, Arts, Community Service, Teamwork, Internships, Startups and various other activities need equally interesting ways of redemption of these points and converting them into virtual or physical rewards as well as rewarding experiences.
For vendors/sponsors that would like personal visits by students to their business we have a system of coupons that the merchants can scan and redeem.
For various web merchants we have APIs that they can integrate and accept coupons or reward points on their web sites.
For merchants that either do not have their own sites or would find easier to put some of their products on a separate website that would provide purposeful rewards to the students and teachers we have envisioned a website called “Rewarding Nation” (www.rewardingnation.com) that is customized to reflect that national uniqueness and sentiments that these students are the nation builders of tomorrow.
This site would provide each vendor tools to customize their own marketing vision as well as nation building vision and selectively add appropriate products and programs to promote their own mission statements. Depending on the national education programs e.g. Government of India’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs or various startup programs, the site can provide analytics for effective management and regulator reporting.
Some examples of the sponsors would be:

  • Technology Companies
  • Food Merchants
  • Café’s
  • On Line Education
  • Foreign Universities
  • Book Publishers
  • Colleges
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturers and Resellers
  • Venues and Events
  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • Employers

Practically anyone that wants to attract the young Student population, their Parents, Teachers and their Families (practically every merchant).

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Rewarding Nation

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